Beth Hertzler

Certified Qigong Instructor: Level-1 Qigong Healing Form

Located in Williamsburg, VA
Phone Number(s): 757-293-8836

Beth Hertzler M.Ed… I have been working with body fitness and body health & healing for over 20 years. I am currently an educator and practitioner of Energy Therapy, Body Memory, Body Psychology, Healing Foods and Qigong. These practices allow for the body to tap into its self-healing ability. In classes or individual sessions, I can help provide you with information on why the body might be giving you a signal through a symptom or illness.

Qigong is a self-healing practice of working with the flow of VITAL, LIVING ENERGY through breathing exercises, body postures, movement and a quiet mind. It may be used to increase overall health, well being, disease prevention and longevity.

Energy Therapy, Body Memory, Body Psychology: a non-invasive, gentle touch that works with cellular memory in the bones, organs, meridians, muscles, and spine. By connecting certain points on the body, information/energy from the cells emerge and can be reprocessed, integrated or released. Cells are like mini-recorders that record your experiences in life…if an event or emotion is suppressed, it can get stuck in ‘replay’ and be re-lived over and over until awareness or healing around it has occurred. Sometimes a trauma, emotion or other type of information is too much to deal with in the moment – so we store it for later so that we can integrate the information we need and let go of what is not useful to the body or mind. If a memory/emotion is really suppressed, stuck or stagnate, it can develop into ‘disease’ or blocked energy flow. This can create what I call ‘auto pilot behavior’ (doing the same thing over and over) or ‘fear paralysis’ (not being able to move past your past).

Qigong and Energy Therapy both work on a PREVENTATIVE basis (like a tune up for the body) and on all types of conditions (back pain, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, TMJ, depression, anxiety, broken bones, any disease in the organ system, emotional conditions and more…).