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Timeshare Values
February 4th, 2009 9:52 PM

I often receive calls from timeshare owners wanting to know what their unit is worth.  A timeshare appraisal is not necessary, and cost prohibitive, for sales purposes. We do timeshare appraisals primarily for divorces, estates, and tax purposes.  The fee for an appraisal is $350.00, which is a large percentage of the value of a timeshare unit.  However, the research involved in finding comparable "resales" is very time consuming, and takes as much, or more time than a typical single family appraisal.

I wanted to come up with and affordable alternative to a formal appraisal. For this reason, I am offering a Timeshare Quarterly Report for $25.00.  These reports include "resales", only, from Powhatan Plantation, Greensprings Plantation, Patriots Place, and Kingsgate timeshare resorts in Williamsburg, Virginia.  From research at the York County and Williamsburg/James City County Courthouses we track "resales" of timeshare units from individuals to individuals.  No developer's sales.

There are many transfers under $500.00 which are typically distress sales from owners who are trying to unload their properties to avoid the annual association fees. 

The reports include all resales sales over $500.00.  It lists each sale with its building, week, sale price, and date sold.  It tallies the number of sales, and gives the range, average and median of all of the sales.  

Our report is unique because it is researched at the local courthouse and includes all sales.  Other reports sold online are from timeshare sales companies, and are of their office sales only, not a complete list of all sales.   

Our Timeshare Quarterly Report will give you a good indication of what you can expect to pay or sell your unit for on the resale market.  So, if you are buying or selling, and don't need a formal appraisal, give us a call, email us, or order a report online for $25.00.




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