Timeshare Appraisal Group, A Division of Hertzler & Associates

Instantly view and download a Timeshare Quarterly Court Report

3rd Quarter 2009 Reports - Powhatan Plantation and Greensprings Plantation - Williamsburg.

Timeshare Quarterly Report Powhatan Plantation 3rd 2009.pdf


4th Quarter 2008 Report - Kingsgate and Patriots Place - Williamsburg. 

Timeshare Quarterly Report Kingsgate 4th 2008 2nd.pdf


Don't see the report you need?  Email us if you want to see information on your report (timeshare development).  We are working on giving FREE information for all resorts in the United States.  Let us know what you are looking for!  We will list it on our site, and not ask for any personal information.  Free information.  Knowledge is power.  Educate yourself about the timeshare market. Information is supplied by State Certified and Licensed Appraisers.  We do not sell or buy timeshares!


There are so many different timeshare sites on the web.  From what I have seen, there are none that really answer the question of value. Many are trying to get you to buy or sell, and have alternative motives. We are supplying information we have gathered for free!  One site said their report listed what people were asking for the timeshare units.  In my opinion, this is worthless information.  Our research is conducted at the courthouse.  It is not a survey of what people said they sold a property for, or only sales that occurred on Ebay. 

No registration or personal information needed. Knowledge is power. Feel free to use this information when negotiating a sale or purchase. We will pass on more updated information as we receive it.  If you are looking for another timeshare development in the Williamsburg area, please let us know what you would like to see.


You don't ask a used car dealer what your car is worth, so why ask a resale company what your timeshare is worth?  Get an unbiased report based on actual sales researched at the courthouse.  We do not buy or sell timeshares. We are a Williamsburg timeshare research company. The quarterly report is not an appraisal, but is researched by a certified general appraiser.

These are not sales from the developer, but resales of timeshare units from an individual to an individual (timeshare resale company purchases and ©sales were also excluded from the report). Other services only list the properties they sold, and are looking to buy or sell your timeshare. We research all sales from the James City/Williamsburg Courthouse and the York County Courthouse. With this information, you can be informed of what similar units are selling for.

If you are interested in one of these reports, please let us know which timeshare community you would like to see, and we will email you when they are available.

Timeshare Appraisal Group (Phone 757-220-8900) is a division of Hertzler & Associates, specializing in the valuation of timeshare units in the Williamsburg market.